Citizen Band...

Being able to communicate with others on the trails is always a rewarding experience. There are many different technologies out there from cellular, citizen band, family radio service, ham radio and satellite. The most commonly used techonlogy on the trails are citizen band.

After investing in many different radios I finalled went back to the simple and easy to use Uniden Pro 520XL. The size alone makes it great for installing it anywhere. My cb is installed right under the Pioneer radio which fits in the double din unit. The image to the right shows how small the unit is. I chose this unit for it's size and the feature it had. The ability to add an auxiliary PA speaker in the engine bay helps when I am outside of the rig. This gives me the ability to listen to others while tending to the rig. The Uniden Pro 520XL also comes with an external speaker source. I have the Uniden ESP5 external speaker sitting on the driver grab handle so that I can hear all conversations without using the handset.

I went with the 3ft and 5ft Wilsone Fiberglass Antenna to supply the signal for the CB. The shorter 3ft antenna is used primarily for the city to ease drop on the truckers communicating on the current traffic congestion and the 5ft antenna is the workhorse for the trails. A quick disconnect and a heavy duty spring is also equipped to make it easy to swap between the two antennaes.

Ham Radio...

The addition of the ham radio is strictly for the trail runs with the desert offroading group as they use this technology for the Baja races. Since I will be travelling with the Total Chaos Fabrication group on their desert runs, adding the ham radio was a must. Not only this, the ability to have an additional source of communicating is also a great perk. After researching many different sites, I went with the Yaesu FT-7800R (VHF/UHF Mobile Tranceiver). The beauty of this unit is that the body can be mounted anywhere while the face can be mobile. I elected to install the body under the driver seat along with my auxiliary circuit while the face is located by the transmission shift gate. Two different Larson antennaes supply the signal for the ham radio. Just like the CB, the shorter antenna works for the city while the longer antenna works for the trails.