Support Lighting...

After my first night run, the need for additional lighting was crucial. Finding the right lighting for my rig meant researching the various vendors and making the right decision on which product best fit my needs. I was able to narrow down my decisions between the Hella 4000 Rally vs the Lightforce 240 XGT. After much nail biting research, I decided that the Lightforce 240 XGT best fit my needs. One of the key deciding factors for me was the fact that these lights had literally no vibrations based on user reviews. Not only was it vibration free, it featured a shatterproof lense which meant that I didn't have to worry about any rocks damaging the lights! Light, strong and even bright as heck! It's a must have for any night time offroader!

The image to left shows the sample light pattern of the Lightforce 240 XGT. This lamp is focused beam that is strictly geared for long range vision. The Lightforce 240's proves to be an excellent source for bright lights but the need for additional lighting is always welcomed. I hope to acquire some Lightforce 170's to complete my set up in the front of the vehicle. The addition of the 170's should fill the void between the Lightforce 240's and the HID lights. Stay tuned...

Installation of the Lightforce 240 XGT was very easy using their optional wiring harness. I highly recommend picking up the harness as this takes the guess work out of the picture. Their supplied installation diagram makes it easy for the novice installer. The harness came with their own switch but opted for the more factory look at installing a factory Toyota switch found on the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma. The parts are not cheap as it's from the "stealer" but it does give the button console a more factory look and feel. As shown in the image #1 is the ground followed by connecting both #2 and #3 to the relay found on the wiring harness. #4 will be the power. Depending on how you configured the relay, it can be directly attached to the main power source or your factory headlights as an alternative. I opted to connect it directly to my secondary circuit which is hot giving me the ability to light the night up w/o the headlight being on. This is purely optional.

List of equipment:
Lightforce 240 XGT (quantity - 2)
Lightforce Wiring Harness
Toyota Factory Foglight Switch (found on the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma) - Part # 84160-04010
Toyota Factory Foglight Connector Clip - Part # 90980-11090
Toyota Factory Termianl - Part # 82998-12340

Dual Battery...

With the addition of the Warn winch and Lightforce lights, upgrading the stock power supply was a must. I searched around for the best all around dual battery configuration and based on my research the Roger Brown dual battery configuration best suits my needs.

Folloing Roger Brown's setup, here's the list of items needed for this dual battery setup:

Optima YellowTop Batteries - Part Number: D34/78
Painless Wiring 250A Dual Battery Current Control Systems (Weatherproof) - Part Number: 40103
1/0 Terminals (Part #32-902-1)
1/0 Welding Cable
Cable lugs (Part #32-6410-38)

Auxiliary Fuse Block...

Instead of routing all of the accessories to the stock wiring harness, I decided to build a separate circuit to power all fo the toys. I used the Painless Wiring 7 Circuit Weather Resisitant Auxiliary Fuse Block (Part #70207) to supply all of the central power signal for my CB, Ham Radio and all of my accessory lights.

2006 Headlamp conversion...

After upgrading my bumper with the stout Demello front bumper, I lost the ability to use my turn signals. Since I did not want to mount the turn signal application on the bumper itself (makes it easier to install/reinstall bumper w/o additional wires), I had to find an alternative solution. Some ideas that I tossed around were adding a custom LED system into the stock headlamps but this proved to be more work than I wanted to do. After looking at what was available I noticed that the 2006 Toyota 4runner changed their headlight assembly to include the turn signals. After a close inspection at the local Toyota dealership I called This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it over at Northridge Toyota parts and ordered a complete headlight assembly. Nickols informed me that there were two different head lamps available and he felt that the chrome interior best complimented my Lightforce 240 XGT's. I quicked ordered the following items:

#81130-35440 Head lamp
#81170-35420 Head lamp
#81125-35440 Wiring harness for turn signal / city light

The other head lamp items are 81130-35470 and 81170-35450.

HID conversion...

After installing the 2006 head lamps, I decided that adding a HID kit would improve my visibility on the trails during the night runs. With this in mind, I contacted This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at Xenon Depot to get more details on their HID conversion kit as they came highly recommended by many users in the automotive community. Their kits comes "plug and play" which really makes installation easy. They use only the highest quality OEM brand components. Based on reviews by many other users of the Xenon Depot product, I went ahead with the 6000K color kit.

The image to the left slows the complete kit from Xenon Depot. As shown the kit I received includes:

Philips 6000K bulbs (2) - H11 Bulb sockets (the 2006 head lamps use H11 bulbs vs the 2003-2005's 9006 bulbs.)
Philips XLD 145 Gen 4 slim Ballast (2)
9006 Wiring Harness (plug and play)

The 6000K bulbs will have a slightly bluish output during the initial break-in period but after that the output should have a nice clear white beam. Xenon Depot includes a separate wiring harness to ensures proper power settings for the HID kit. This is critical as the factory harness will damage the bulbs without a separate harness to power them. The harness is complete and does not need any cutting or splicing. All you need to do is connect the positive end to the battery which has a 20A fuse (7 - 8 inches from the battery connector) and the negative end to the frame. The wiring harness is of OEM quality and is completely sealed. This is truly a plug and play product which makes it superior to the other HID kits avilable on the market.

Installing the Xenon Depot HID bulbs are simple. Simple remove your old bulb and replace it with the HID bulb. Connect the wires to the supplied wiring harness and you are done. The only difficult part for the installation is finding a clean spot for the ballast and zip tying the wiring harness around the stock wiring loom. Average time for the installation was 30 minutes.

The images below shows a good comparison of the output of the two types. The bottom left shows the stock 2003 4runner halogen headlamp. The bottom right shows the Xenon Depot HID 6000K conversion kit. The images should speak for itself.

The next two images are just a sample of the 2006 4runner projector headlamp with the Xenon Depot HID 6000K conversion kit.

The bottom left image shows the output of the Xenon Depot HID 6000K conversion kit. The bottom right image shows the combination of the low beam and the high beam.

The bottom image shows the out of the low beam, high beam and the Lightforce 240 XGT's.