Operation Rebuild Chaos Edition Part 1

During my last Death Valley trip back in April 2007, my 4runner sustained heavy damages to an accident caused by driver error on all parties. Unfortunately the accident resulted in an inoperable 4runner and a heated debate on whether or not to repair or total it. After many months of discussion the decision to rebuild has now been set in place.

With the help of many friends and vendors the 4runner will be rebuilt better than version 1.0. The goal is to remove the entire engine sheet metal and replace it with a tubed front end which will be stronger and lighter. A new bumper will be designed in conjunction with the tubed front end.

Parts that I'll need to replace:
Hood - one with hood scoop will be nice
Headlamps - 2006+ would be nice
A/C Condenser
Tranny Cooler
Power Steering Cooler - aftermarket
HID bulbs - So it'll be the same as it used to be
Air Box and tubing to throttle body
Misc other crap

I will probably keep my stock fan and not use an electric fan. Not sure but that's the plan as I don't want to incur additional costs on the repairs. Trying to keep the $$ down to a minimum since this is all out of pocket frown

Now to the good stuff. Pictures!

Here's what it looks like at home:

The first phase is to remove all parts inside the engine bay. Here's a shot of the passenger side after a bit of work.

Got most of the drivers side cleaned up as well as the front end but no pictures. I'll start to cut the sheet metal tomorrow and will keep all of ya posted on the ongoing results.