Operation Rebuild Chaos Edition Part 3

Man getting these tube bent and spot welding and attempting to level it is no fun. Now if I had the proper tools this would have been a piece of cake but what can I say, I love working hard on the easy stuff. With an extra set of hands the tubing was corrected. As for the bent tube for the passenger side, need not worry that was one of those "oops my bad" moments where I didn't calculate my bends correctly. Instead of starting with a new stick I just decided to use this one since the ends will get cut off. The ends will eventually be the point of reference for the top support on the bumper. This way the bumper is not only reinforced at the frame but also at the top to prevent snapping up like the last bumper.

Scab plates welded to the frame and then the tubes on to the plates. This way it's on there and won't come off (unless my welds are crappy). Tied them into the existing tubing work on the long travel kit. I guess this kit is a permanent thing now since I have no plans on going back now.

Test fit of the radiator to make sure it fits between the rails and also lining up the tabs for the mounts. The small tube across the front is for the condenser as they are mounted in the middle and top (strange that it's done this way and not at the top and bottom like the radiator.)

Thanks to Troy at Cal Mini Trucks (http://calminitruck.com/) who hooked me up with the new radiator and ac condenser. I was expected to pick up some used parts and he came thru with the new stuff smile LOVE IT! If any of ya guys are looking for any Toyota stuff, he's the guy to call. Very friendly and my gosh they got a ton of Toyota stuff! I was surprised to see so many Toyota parts there. It's Toyota heaven smile

Ahh the condenser is now mounted. Didn't get a chance to get the top but that'll happen next. A test mock up of the top tube to protect the radiator.. In case I decide to belly flop or something (you never know). Also to reinforce the front and strengthen it.

Some things to note: the frame ends has been cut off. It was so mangled that there was no hope in reusing it. Not that I would have anyway because I wanted to cut it so I have a better approach angle. The new bumper will be designed to wrap around the frame and also be supported by the upper tubes to box everything up. The front end will be very rigid and hopefully be able to survive anything that approaches smile

Design on the front bumper... tba.. but I'm running out of time. As for the hood/grill, headlamps and fenders, those will be mounted on a separate sub-tube frame that'll be attached to the body (by the firewall). The basic principal for this is because the body and the frame are two separate entities, if I were to make the front end rigid (fenders + frame) then something will give when the body flexes. So instead I'm going to have to setup a complex dual subframe setup in the engine area (one for the frame - as shown above) and another one just for the body panels. Should look slick when done but a whole heck of a lot of trail and errors!

Next up... tranny and power steering coolers. Instead of using the stock tranny cooler (which took a beating), I picked up the Hayden 678 cooler (the most commonly done mod). My aftermarket power steering cooler didn't survive either so the Hayden 678 will do too. Good thing the local shop had a few in stock. Looks like I've got a lot of work ahead of me.

This weekend will be building mounts for the tranny/steering coolers and also make a new dual battery tray. Somehow make some mounts to secure the big fuse box on the drivers side too. Once this is all completed I should be rocking and rolling. Just need to change out the belt and reconnect everything. Flush all fluids and do some maintenance. Hopefully it'll be up and running by mid next week.

Still pushing for the Pismo event but a lot of work to do. ugh!