Operation Rebuild Chaos Edition Part 4

Things we got done today:

  • Got the Toyota factory hood "temporarily" installed - I didn't realize that it's a factory hood that Troy at Cal Mini Trucks got me. Damn that guy just keeps on surprising me with the cool stuff he finds greengrin
  • Mounted the tranny cooler - Hayden 678 Cooler (Can't go wrong with this one)
  • Mounted the power steering cooler - Hayden 678 Cooler (shoot if it works for the tranny then it should also work for the power steering)
  • Battery tray cut out (still have to bend some parts and make it so it'll hold the battery but it's a start).
  • Fuse box mounts made (still need to make one additional top plate w/ welded nut)
  • Cut off front body mount so I can relocate it
  • Hood liner removed from damaged hood

Things to do for tomorrow:

  • I need to fix the darn tranny and power steering coolers as they are sitting too high and I don't like it. So I need to take those tacks off and redo em.
  • Finish the battery tray
  • Finish the fuse box mount
  • Begin building the air compressor mount
  • Figure out if I can install the hood latch somehow.

Other pending items...

  • reinstall hood liner
  • remove and reinstall wiper washer lines
  • air box
  • reconnect all wiring
  • build power steering reservoir mount
  • build radiator fluid overflow container mount
  • build washer fluid mount
  • flush all fluids and do basic maintenance
  • install new belt
  • build sub frame for headlamp and fenders
  • build front bumper
  • charge a/c
  • paint hood?
  • prob some other stuff I'm forgetting

enjoy the pix clap

Things I found in my wreckage trash bag. lots of busted and trashed item but one of my Lightforce 240 XGT housing survived smile The mount was toast but the other Lightforce had a damaged housing and a good mount so now I've got one good 240 XGT!!! yay! Also one of the 170's survived too smile looks like I've got a lop sided lamp setup haha.