Operation Rebuild Chaos Edition Part 5

Sorry no pics. Maybe tomorrow when I get some more support. Bob, Bruce and Sunny will be dropping by to lend a hand smile woo hoo!

Things I got done today:

    * Remounted tranny and power steering cooler
    * Welded up battery tray
    * Air Compressor plate made and mounted to the engine tube frame
    * Began rebuilding tire carrier for rear bumper.

Things to do for tomorrow:

    * Weld fuse box mount
    * Build mounts/tab for air box
    * Mount battery tray
    * reinstall hood liner
    * remove and reinstall wiper washer lines
    * build power steering reservoir mount
    * build radiator fluid overflow container mount
    * build washer fluid mount

Other pending items...

    * build sub frame for headlamp and fenders
    * build front bumper
    * buy used air box
    * buy used headlamps (06+)
    * buy hood pin locks
    * buy new belt
    * buy fluids
    * reconnect all wiring
    * flush all fluids and do basic maintenance
    * install new belt
    * charge a/c
    * paint hood?
    * prob some other stuff I'm forgetting

Coming along nicely. Tomorrow will be big as we'll have most of the parts reinstalled back in the engine bay. It'll actually look more like something rather than a hunk of junk  chair Hopefully we'll be able to fire her up next weekend after doing the basic maintenance stuff.