Operation Rebuild Chaos Edition Part 6

Things I got done today:

    * Remounted tranny and power steering cooler (again - the damn hood was hitting it and definitely wasn't gonna look good lining up the fenders)
    * Welded up battery tray (again - the dual tray was a no go as there was no room. So I ended up cutting it in half and making two.)
    * Welded fuse box mount.
    * Built tab mounts for air box but it sat too low so when the tire is at full compression would smack it. Cut it off and have to figure something else out. Really don't want to use an aftermarket air box but the darn factory one is pretty ginormous.
    * Body mount relocated (tack welded)
    * Driver side subframe tack welded to relocated body mount
    * New subframe now features driver side headlamp!!!!
    * Reinforced subframe (all tack welded for now)

Things to do for this week:

    * Build passenger side subframe
    * Reinforce fuse box by adding another "L" bracket
    * add another mount for driver side headlamp
    * Build mounts/tab for air box
    * Mount battery tray
    * reinstall hood liner
    * remove and reinstall wiper washer lines
    * build power steering reservoir mount (use big hose clamp style design somehow)
    * build radiator fluid overflow container mount
    * build washer fluid mount

Other pending items...

    * build front bumper
    * buy used fan clutch
    * buy used air box
    * buy used headlamps (06+)
    * buy hood pin locks
    * buy new belt
    * buy fluids
    * reconnect all wiring
    * flush all fluids and do basic maintenance
    * install new belt
    * charge a/c
    * paint hood?
    * prob some other stuff I'm forgetting

When I get pics of the driver side subframe section that'll really look cool. Got the hood lined up with the fenders to make sure it lines up perfectly and also got to install the driver side headlamp!! So right now I have one side pretty much done. All I need to do is weld her up and then reinstall the fender and the driver side looks like it's back to normal. smile Pics in the morning  clap Bruce said that I've got a lot of work to do and getting it done in 2 weekends may be a challenge spank Guess I'm gonna have to work double time now confused

In the process of moving the A/C lines I may have inadvertently kinked the high pressure line. Not sure but I'm hoping this is not the case. If not I guess I'll have to figure out a way to replace it cuz I definitely need my A/C tapedshut Good thing I really don't need it right now!