Operation Rebuild Chaos Edition Part 8

I got a bit of work done this morning. Or actually more like 10000 steps back. I ended up removing the mount for the air compressor. Steve (robinhood4x4) recommended that I mount it horizontally with two reinforced supports instead of the one shown above. He said over time the vibration will do a number on it so instead of waiting for it to fail I just got up early this morning to cut/grind/clean it all off. Guess I've got more work to do tapedshut

Also removed the clutch fan to get a replacement one. Man these things are a PITA to remove! Anyway I hit my usual junkyard guy (Toy @ Calif Mini) but he couldn't source a clutch fan or the headlamp so he referred me to K & P Auto Dismantlers in Fontana, CA. Picked up a clutch fan and a drivers side headlamp smile

All I need to do is pick up a passenger side headlamp that I have saved (later this week). Placed an order with Evan @ Northridge Toyota for some Toyota Red (coolant), belt and some misc smaller items and hope to reassemble everything this weekend smile