Operation Rebuild Chaos Edition Part 9

Wish I got more done today but I ran out of gas and had to scramble to find someone local that was open late frown  No pics but I'll make sure to take some tomorrow. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have most of this done so I can start painting to tubes and begin reinstalling everything. (very optimistic but heck I'm running outta time!) chair

Things I bought this week:

    * Belt
    * Tranny oil
    * Toyota red coolant
    * Air filter
    * Both headlamps
    * Fan clutch

Things I got done today:

    * Driver side battery tray mounts made and welded to the tray.
    * Passenger side subframe tack welded - lights installed for inspection.
    * Drive side subframe reinforced with gussets. (almost fully welded - a few places are still tacked on)
    * Cut 35"x12" base plate for front bumper.

Things I need to do tomorrow:

    * Reinforce fuse box by adding another "L" bracket
    * Add another mount for driver side headlamp
    * Add another mount for passenger side headlamp   
    * Weld driver side battery tray
    * Weld top cross member (underside)
    * Cut plates for front bumper
    * Build mounts/tab for air box
    * Build mounts for passenger side battery tray
    * reinstall hood liner
    * remove and reinstall wiper washer lines

Things to do for this week:

    * Build mounts for air compressor
    * build power steering reservoir mount (use big hose clamp style design somehow)
    * build radiator fluid overflow container mount
    * build washer fluid mount

Other pending items...

    * make fastener mounts for fenders
    * build front bumper (bend tubes)
    * buy hood pin locks
    * reconnect all wiring
    * flush all fluids and do basic maintenance
    * install new belt
    * charge a/c
    * paint hood?
    * prob some other stuff I'm forgetting

gf's response so far on my quest to rebuild the 4runner. "either sell it or junk it!"  tapedshut

Adrian, thanks smile I really don't have skills. This is all the beautiful work of a program called Photoshop angel