Operation Rebuild Chaos Edition Part 10

Here's the finished project of the headlamp assembly. I finished welding everything up and this is how it turned out. It's slightly angled on the ends up that's because it's being held by vice and c clamps until I finish welding it to the body. Once it's fully welded to the body it'll be straight.

Another angle showing the lamps. You'll notice the front bumper in this pic. Hard to see but it's sleeved and plated (tacked on for now).

The pain in the rear headlamp assembly. Not fun trying to make everything line up with the hood, lamp and fender.

The body mount was used to support the sub structure for the hood, lamp and fenders.

Last pic of the lamp subframe to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Things I got done today:

    * Reinforced fuse box by adding another "L" bracket
    * Front bumper base plate and sidewalls bent/welded
    * Welded top cross member (underside)
    * Welded both driver and passenger side headlamp

Things to do for this week:

    * Bend tubes for front bumper and weld bumper
    * Strip rust build up on headlamp assembly, primer and paint prior to installation
    * Add another mount for driver side headlamp
    * Add another mount for passenger side headlamp   
    * Weld driver side battery tray
    * Build mounts/tab for air box
    * Build mounts for passenger side battery tray
    * reinstall hood liner
    * remove and reinstall wiper washer lines
    * Build mounts for air compressor
    * build power steering reservoir mount (use big hose clamp style design somehow)
    * build radiator fluid overflow container mount
    * build washer fluid mount

Other pending items...

    * make fastener mounts for fenders
    * buy hood pin locks
    * reconnect all wiring
    * flush all fluids and do basic maintenance
    * install new belt
    * charge a/c

A long way to go but I'm going to be trying to do some stuff in the morning before work so we'll see how this all works out. I have one full weekend left to get the misc stuff done so hopefully I'll be able to begin painting the tubes during the week.