Operation Rebuild Chaos Edition Part 12

this weekend has been a really frustrating weekend. in the hopes of getting both fenders reattached I ran into some serious issues as nothing really wanted to line up. This forced me to cut and start over on a lot of the parts frown Anyway finally got some progress today and man I'm serious running out of time!

Things I got done this week/weekend:

    * Purchased hood pin locks
    * Purchased fasteners for fenders
    * Purchased shackle hangers for recovery point - front bumper
    * Welded driver side battery tray
    * Built mounts and welded air box
    * Built mounts and welded air compressor tray
    * Built and welded modified second battery tray
    * Welded fasteners for passenger side fender
    * Passenger side fender reattached
    * Redid mounts for condenser as the connection hose hit the radiator mount - serves me right for now checking the lines when attaching these suckers.

Things to do for this week:

    * Build fender mounts for driver side fender
    * Reattach driver side fender
    * Build power steering reservoir mount (use big hose clamp style design somehow)
    * Build radiator fluid overflow container mount
    * Build washer fluid mount
    * Add another mount for driver side headlamp
    * Add another mount for passenger side headlamp   
    * Bend tubes for front bumper and weld bumper
    * Reinstall hood liner
    * Remove and reinstall wiper washer lines
    * PAINT!
    * Reconnect all wiring
    * Flush all fluids and do basic maintenance
    * Install new belt
    * Charge a/c (maybe if I have time)
    * Reattach rear bumper and modify the tire carrier if I have time.

Sorry no pictures. Maybe tomorrow. Just a bit pissed and frustrated because I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. Bob, thanks for helping me out with building the fasteners tabs and with the second set of hands holding the fender.

Note: the passenger side is complete and looks nice but some areas has some severe gaps on the fender. Going to have to redo the fiberglass after the Pismo event to make it cleaner and flow with the lines better. It works for now but it's definitely ugly frown