After denting my stock rear driveshaft on one of my weekender trips, the need for a stronger driveshaft was required. I enlisted the help of JE Reel Driveshaft to help rebuild my rear driveshaft. The process took a few hours and after they finished the rebuild, I had one tough puppy. This driveshaft has been completely rebuilt and double sleeved to ensure that I would not dent it or candy cane it as easily as I would have with my stock driveshaft.

Rear Differential Extended Breather...

I'd like to say that I've successfully done the rear diff breather mod on the new 4th gen 4runner. The existing parts worked as I expected.

Expected time: 1 hr or so including trying to take pix.

Parts required:
90404-51319 Union
90930-03136 Plug, breather

Tools required:
13mm and 14mm Box/Open wrenches
Wire Cutter
hot water

Image of the stock rear diff (looks the same like any toyota!)

Use a 14mm wrench to remove the stock breather. Before removing the breather completely make sure to clean around the breather so you don't get anything side.

Should look like this when you remove the breather..

Add the union into the differential housing. Should tighten down but will have a thread or two shown. (Use 13mm wrench)

Attach the hose. Make sure you have enough slack so when the diff is at it's lowest point you still have enough hose for it to move.

Run the hose along any route to a higher point in the vehicle. I chose to run it into the gas cap area which is pretty darn high. If the water goes that high I'm already in trouble anyway!

Dip the other end of the hose in hot water to let the rubber hose expand. Then insert the new breather and clamp it down. Find a place to secure it and you're done!