Operation 4-link Part 2

Here's a few more sneak peaks of the progress. It took a lot of swearing, complaining and bishing just to get this far. It also took lots of welding, cutting, rewelding, recutting, rewelding and recutting action. After several days of grunting like a little boy I finally got something I can live with.

I moved the axle back a bit so now the stock bump stops don't line up. Not that I was going to use it but for now it serves me as a guide for other stuff. I also need to get a 90 degree fitting for the shock as this isn't going to work well in the configuration it's in right now.

I never thought the axle would get as heavy as it did after everything was connected. Talk about a pain in the rear to just cycle test everything.

Some problems: two cross members got in the way so it had to be cut. that was no fun. I did the quick and ugly cut job so I'll have to do the detailed clean job when the axle comes off again. Everything is tacked on temporarily so it'll come off shortly.

Still have to test with the tires to make sure the shock/coil doesn't hit the tire. That'll be a fun test to perform. bah!  chair

I won't even go into the fuel issue I'm facing...  tapedshut

Pismo here I come!  Wrenchin'