Operation 4-link Part 4

One thing I realized after getting to the point where I feel good knowing that the 4runner is actually not sitting on jack stands.... Damn project was too expensive for me frown I researching for a good 2 years on what parts I would need (including bolts/nuts and smaller misc items) but to date I've pretty much surpassed my original estimate by a factor of 2. Seriously, this is not for the faint of heart. Of course I made my fair share of mistakes that probably contributed to some of it but I never expected it to be this much.

Now for some tech stuff smile

The tank is baffled and followed the stock style in-tank (bowl around the pump) so it'll have ample fuel on off-camber (left/right/front/back). Should not have any problems with fuel running low (of course unless I'm belly upĀ  hillbill ). I did quite a bit of research on fuel tanks on pirate and found that using stock parts limited issues. It doesn't guarantee that you won't have any problems but it'll help to eliminate some of the unknowns.

I didn't get to test the pump to make sure it had enough umph but I'm just gonna cross my fingers. I figure it's 2 wires for the pump and 2 for the gauge so I really can't screw it up that badly wink

Here's a short list of to-do's:
- brake fluid
- gear oil for third member
- wire batteries
- replace abs line
- replace power steering hose
- reinstall interior
- Fuel up and drive around the block
- add latch for rear tailgate (bumper)
- exhaust... borla here I come!
- wash!
- add limit straps

Still crossin fingers for Pismo. As long as I don't have any problems when I test drive Wrenchin'

Pictures as soon as the 4runner is out of the garage greengrin