Operation 4-link

Operation 4-link Part 1

Finally got a chance to start rebuilding the rear suspension.

First I had to remove the axle so I can perform some necessary repairs...

Oops, I think I got carried away and ended up removing a few other items. doh!

Ghetto pic of the shafts. bleh!

Hold on a sec. Wasn't I just performing repairs on the rear suspension? Damn working in the heat definitely makes you go crazy and do stupid things like this!

I blame Bob for this mistake chair


1/2 shafts



Operation 4-link Part 2

Here's a few more sneak peaks of the progress. It took a lot of swearing, complaining and bishing just to get this far. It also took lots of welding, cutting, rewelding, recutting, rewelding and recutting action. After several days of grunting like a little boy I finally got something I can live with.

I moved the axle back a bit so now the stock bump stops don't line up. Not that I was going to use it but for now it serves me as a guide for other stuff. I also need to get a 90 degree fitting for the shock as this isn't going to work well in the configuration it's in right now.

I never thought the axle would get as heavy as it did after everything was connected. Talk about a pain in the rear to just cycle test everything.

Some problems: two cross members got in the way so it had to be cut. that was no fun. I did the quick and ugly cut job so I'll have to do the detailed clean job when the axle comes off again. Everything is tacked on temporarily so it'll come off shortly.

Still have to test with the tires to make sure the shock/coil doesn't hit the tire. That'll be a fun test to perform. bah!  chair

I won't even go into the fuel issue I'm facing...  tapedshut

Pismo here I come!  Wrenchin'

Operation 4-link Part 3

So here's what I've been waiting for... coils... sadly they don't match. O well.. No time to get another set. Plus I'm not sure if I'll go with these at the end of the day after trying a few different set so no biggie I guess.

My original goal was to use a factory Toyota fuel tank for convenience reasons as well as making sure all of the fittings were plug and play and ensuring that the emissions will pass too. After researching all of the available tanks I sourced an 07 Camry fuel tank. It was an 18.5 gal tank which is 3 gals less than factory but everything else fits perfectly. Oddly this fuel tank didn't have a return fuel line (no clue why). Anyway my lack in researching thoroughly proved to be costly as the tank ended up being a bit too wide. The tank itself is a trapezoid shape in which the narrow end was fine (by 3 inches) but the fat end was definitely too wide for my frame. I had a few options: Cut the tank and modify it or cut the frame or just scrap the fuel tank. Since I already paid for it I figured I might as well make the best of the situation and build a new tank loosely based on the camry tank. By using all of the same fittings everything should be fine... Mistake #2, (insert lots of painful words here)... If I'm going to build a f'in custom fuel tank I should have used my 4runner pump instead of the camry pump. The mistake initially isn't really a big deal until you look at the pump. The camry tank has 5 lines going to the pump whereas the 4runner has only 4. So far I'm researching what that last lead is but I'm suspecting it's some trigger to reverse pump the excess fuel? Since the camry tank doesn't have a return fuel line I'm "guessing" that's the case.

Anyway enough venting... here's the tank.

It's a pretty setup that holds a whoppin 27.25 gals! Now we're talking smile All this is nice and dandy but I need to make sure the stupid mistake I made by using the Camry pump works. Last minute soldering will commence tomorrow morning so long as I can figure out the right lines to match with the pump. (Since the tank is sitting at the spare tire location, all lines (electrical/fuel) needs to be pushed back a good 4-5 feet or so.

Here's one of the last shot of the 4runner.

Everything all bolted up for the most part. The tank goes in last after the lines are extended. All fuel/vent lines are done but just hanging until I can finish the soldering. Hopefully everything works chair

I'm a Loser....  I understand mistakes happens but damn these are costly ones.. tapedshut

On a better note, the axle appears to be centered and straight. I did a string test by taking sample measurements using a bit of geometry from various points on the frame. I double checked to a few times in disbelief but I guess things are looking good. I really won't know until I drive the 4runner and I know that'll be pretty interesting smile

Operation 4-link Part 4

One thing I realized after getting to the point where I feel good knowing that the 4runner is actually not sitting on jack stands.... Damn project was too expensive for me frown I researching for a good 2 years on what parts I would need (including bolts/nuts and smaller misc items) but to date I've pretty much surpassed my original estimate by a factor of 2. Seriously, this is not for the faint of heart. Of course I made my fair share of mistakes that probably contributed to some of it but I never expected it to be this much.

Now for some tech stuff smile

The tank is baffled and followed the stock style in-tank (bowl around the pump) so it'll have ample fuel on off-camber (left/right/front/back). Should not have any problems with fuel running low (of course unless I'm belly up  hillbill ). I did quite a bit of research on fuel tanks on pirate and found that using stock parts limited issues. It doesn't guarantee that you won't have any problems but it'll help to eliminate some of the unknowns.

I didn't get to test the pump to make sure it had enough umph but I'm just gonna cross my fingers. I figure it's 2 wires for the pump and 2 for the gauge so I really can't screw it up that badly wink

Here's a short list of to-do's:
- brake fluid
- gear oil for third member
- wire batteries
- replace abs line
- replace power steering hose
- reinstall interior
- Fuel up and drive around the block
- add latch for rear tailgate (bumper)
- exhaust... borla here I come!
- wash!
- add limit straps

Still crossin fingers for Pismo. As long as I don't have any problems when I test drive Wrenchin'

Pictures as soon as the 4runner is out of the garage greengrin